Alison & Annette


My name is Caitlin Melvin and I am so happy you have come to take a look at my blog.

I am a freelancer living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

What does this mean?

It means if you are challenged in writing, social media, and other digital “stuff” I will make your life easier. My office is in my home, and I have a coffee machine close by. This allows me to work a lot, which in turn also makes your life easier.

I specialize in content creation, social media, and SEO elements – but I have experience working on many other digital projects as well, and I love to take on new challenges. I enjoy working with different brands and giving your customers a more enhanced online experience, while also ensuring you are receiving quality traffic to your website so you can focus on your business.


  • Strategy creation and implementation for online marketing
  • Community Management (Social Media)
  • Blogging
  • Content creation / storytelling
  • Public speaking
  • Advertising
  • Reporting and budget management
  • Account management

This blog will cover various topics. However, my clients come first, so I may not update the blog portion of this site often. But when I do update it…I believe in content – and I want to keep you engaged, entertained, educated, and of course…coming back for more. I won’t overwhelm you with industry-related topics, but rather give you a cocktail of lifestyle and industry posts. That way you can get to know me better, because let’s be honest – I’m not only my job! I want to get to know you too – so make sure you leave me comments so we can connect.

I hope you find my blog posts useful and helpful, and if you would ever like to do business with me – please send me an email and we can talk!


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